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Cow Essay

Cow essay In this article we will discuss in detail about cows. This article is very simple and informative. Through these articles we have a variety of topics related to cows such as why cows are called mothers. What is the significance of cow in Indian culture? 

What is the history of cow breeding? Why is a cow the best pet? What is a cow’s food? What is the use of a cow? “It simply came to our notice then



This cow has been around the world for thousands of years. The cow has been used as the mother in Hinduism because just as our mother takes care of us, the cow gives us delicious milk and strengthens us. 

The cow is found all over the world and is celebrated all over the world as a pet In our India, cows are considered to be respected in Hinduism. It is a crime to kill a cow here. India is the largest cow in the world In India, cows are revered because of Hinduism, which is said to have 33 crore deities and goddesses. 

In many countries the cow is considered a sacred animal and in India it is worshiped as a goddess The Hindu society has given the status of mother to cow cow and it is called “Go Mata”

The origin of the cow 

There are many types of stories in the story of the origin of the cow First, when Brahma was drinking nectar from one mouth, some froth (froth) came out of his mouth and from there the Adi-gai ‘Surabi’ originated. The second story shows that the butterfly had sixty daughters, one of whom was Surabi. 

In the third place it is shown that Surabi i.e. the heavenly cow was made of fourteen gems as the sea moved. A golden Kapila cow was born from Surabi Whose milk the milk made the sea.According to the Bhagavad-gita, the story of the creation of the divine Vedic cow during the churning of the sea (seas).

The breed and color of the cow 

There are about 30 species of cows in India Red Sindhi, Sahiwal, Gir, Devani, Tarparak etc. are the main breeds of dairy cows in India. Indian cows can be divided into three categories in terms of public utility In the first category, there are cows who give a lot of milk, but their children are ineffective in agriculture. 

Cow Essay In English

This type of cow is a single species Other cows are those who give less milk but their calves are used for farming and cart pulling. They are called the Vatspradan monogamous species Some cows also supply a lot of milk and their calves are also hardworking Such cows are called round-headed cows`

The physical structure of the cow 

The physique of the cow seems to be the same in all countries, but there are differences in the height and breed of the cow. Some cows give more milk, some give less The body of the cow is thinner than the front and wider than the back The cow has two large ears, which allows her to hear slower and louder voices .

The cow has two large eyes, with which it can see up to 360 degrees The cow is a four-legged creature and has four legs, with the help of which she can go to any hard site. The cow has a mouth, which is wide at the top and thin at the bottom It has small hairs on its body

Cow care and food 

Cows of different sizes and shapes are found in different countries In our country it is in a small state while in some countries it is of great height and body shape Its back is long and wide We need to take care of the cows and give them good food and clean water It eats green grass, food, grains and other things At first, she chewed the food well and slowly swallowed it The cow should be given a balanced diet to increase milk production and reduce its production cost. 

A balanced diet of cows has all the nutrients it needs, which is coveted, easily digested and cheap. To get the most out of milk production, animals should be allowed to eat green grass for twelve months. This will reduce the cost of grain and the regular breeding value of cows The cow should be given regular essential mineral salt The cow should be given the required saplings – granular water at the appointed time Time also affects money production`

The religious significance of the cow 

In India, the cow is considered a goddess. The cow is believed to have 33 crore gods and goddesses in its body. For this reason, on the second day of Diwali, cows are specially worshiped during the Govardhana Puja and their peacocks are adorned. This was considered a symbol of prosperity in ancient India.

Gold and jewelery were also looted during the war. In a state where cows were considered rich. Who doesn’t know Krishna’s cow love For this reason, his name is also Gopal In Hinduism, cow donation is believed to be the largest donation. Moksha can be attained by salvation The fasts of the Hindus are not complete without ghee 

On the day of the festival, the house is covered with cow dung It has statues of gods Many people consider cow’s vision to be very auspicious before doing anything important In addition, cow dung is considered to be very useful for cultivation Milk and cows are considered to be as important as mother earth due to other properties such as nectar. That is why a cow is called a cow mother.


Benefits of keeping cows 

(i) A cow is a domestic animal, so it is kept at home and its milk is extracted in the morning and evening. One cow gives 5 to 10 liters of milk at a time Cows of different breeds also produce more milk 

(ii) Children are especially advised to eat cow’s milk because buffalo milk brings laziness, while cow’s milk maintains the versatility among children. It is believed that after drinking milk, the calf baby (herd) falls asleep while the cow calf jumps after drinking the mother’s milk. 

(iii) Cow’s milk is very nutritious It is considered a very useful food for patients and children 

(iv) Cow’s milk makes us stronger and healthier It strengthens our immune system against infections and a variety of diseases It helps boost our immune system 

(v) Regular consumption of cow’s milk sharpens our mind and strengthens our memory. 

(vi) Many types of food are made from its milk It also makes bananas, cheese, butter and ghee from milk 

(viii) The best fertilizer for cow dung for crops 

(ix) As cow dung is dried and used for fuel, cow dung is also used as fertilizer in the field. 

(x) The cow is not only useful to humans in its life, but also used after every part of the body dies. The cow’s skin, horns, and hooves make a living Fertilizers made from cow bones are used for farming


The cow is peace-loving and welcoming In our India, cows are given the status of mothers, because it gives us something in our lifetime We drink cow’s milk every day to keep us healthy Doctors always advise patients to drink cow’s milk Cow’s milk is a good and easily digested food for newborns It is a very direct creature by nature We must learn something from his life and always live our lives peacefully and treat other people well. 

Unfortunately, in cities, cows die prematurely by the use and disposal of polythene. Everyone has to think seriously about this in order to save the cow dynasty, the symbol of our ‘faith’ and ‘economy’. In general, cows are important in human life Cows are still the backbone of the rural economy.C ow is a domestic animal

A cow has four legs, two ears, two eyes, one big Nose and two horns on the head. The cow gives us milk and the cow milk is very good for our health. Cow skin is used for making leather. A baby cow is called a calf. The cow sound is called “MOO” . Cow live in groups. They are big animals that can each height 3-4 feet. We get milk from cow and make


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