Rainy Season Essay

Rainy Season Essay For Students In English


Rainy Season Essay The year is twelve months and six seasons. The rainy season is one of them. The predominance of this season is extended to two months of Asadha and Shravan. In the heat of the moment, the hummingbird descends into the abyss, singing music. At that moment, the cat danced happily. The fear of sunstroke goes away.

Rainy Season Essay
Rainy Season Essay

People breathe in peace. The south-west monsoon is expected to bring heavy rainfall to Odisha. The sky is overcast. In the darkness of night, countless lizards show their light. The guard is full of greenery. There is a lot of noise in the grass.

Rainy season

The rainy season is breathtaking. The expanse of the clouds reflects the rays of the sun, creating a beautiful clouds in the sky. When the rains come, the sky is covered with thick clouds. Lightning strikes the black dense dam. Tribhuvan trembles at the sound of the cloudy cloudy cloudy cloudy cloudy cloudy cloudy.

The sun god rises in the clouds. The rainbow reflects the sun in a gray sky full of water droplets. The seven colors of the rainbow add a hundred times the beauty of the sky. The dense clouds of the clouds in the thick clouds create spectacular joy in the souls of spectators, poets and thinkers. The moon is almost invisible in the sky.

By observing the star’s radiance, the stars also refrain from radiating light. In that sense, it is possible the lights were off, but the lights were off.

View of the village during the rainy season

The view of the village during the rainy season is very touching. The view of the mountains near the village is breathtaking. In the blue idol of Shyamshala, the white abhrakandha enhances the beauty of the village. Radhanath’s masterpiece can be seen in his work. “Everywhere you look today, the tide of protectionist sentiment is flowing. Palli’s dry-orange leaves are covered with a layer of fresh greens.

The new soul of the breathless banana grows. The evergreen greenery enhances the beauty of the countryside by a hundredfold. In that spectacular scene, the soil-born farmer becomes self-absorbed. Pallilalma returns from the pond and the riverbank with a bare foot in the palm of his hand. The walkway is muddy. On those dirt roads, the villagers eat or drink while they are on the road or while traveling.

Nidagh Prapidita Ksinangi streamsvani Bari-flow, rejoices, and sings in a hushed voice. Rural pools, Tadagh wells break the silence. The Kok couple leaves the river, the pond. The countryside is buzzing with loud noises. The slow pace of the procession on the Shyam Durbadal is very slow. Just as a green carpet is carved on a green carpet.

The children of the village happily clap their hands in paper boats in the water flowing through the village. During the rainy season, there is a lot of water falling from the rice paddies. Under the oily it creates small water bubbles. In a moment, the water bubbles burst, signaling the end of life.

Problems / Disadvantages in the Rainy Season

During this time, the river floods and eats both banks. The sailors were able to cross the gorge by boat, with many accidents occurring at this time, or for some reason the boat sank and caused property damage. Floods during this season cause many problems. Waterfalls are visible all around. The soil is sandy.

The crop is submerged in water for several days and the crop is washed away. The farmer sits with his hands on his head. The floodwaters in the village are ruining many lives. The banks of the river are flooded, and the trees are uprooted and washed away. Poisonous snakes infiltrate the village and cause panic.

Occasionally there is a risk of flooding and flooding. That grief is indescribable. It is safe to say that government assistance was provided to the victims, such as shellfish.

Rainy Season Essay
Rainy Season Essay

Flowers in the rainy season

During the monsoon season, the greenery of the countryside seems to be worn out and worn in green. In the midst of these green beauties, the red-winged worm moves in the direction of the mantra. Apurvashri is fastened to the leaves of the shrubby green leaves.

In the garden of the villagers, vegetables and vegetables of various kinds are grown and decorated. Lau, kakaru and poiu all the tricks are thrown upwards. Jahni, Wendy’s, Cucumber, Cucumber, Crab, etc. are abundant. On the ground, white roofs explode, enhancing the beauty of the land.

The lotus flowers disappear during the season but the flowers of Kia, Ketki, Jai, Malli, Madhavi, Malati, Kadamba, Keli, Kadamba, Champa, Wood Champa, Tagar, Tarat, Golap, Niali, Sebati and Hargaura make the flowers bloom.


During this time many villagers celebrate the festival with great pomp and ceremony. Among them, the Srigunticha Yatra and the Bahuda Yatra are held in a few villages. During the hanging ceremony, Palli-Thakur is dressed and hanging in a basket.

During the Rakshi Purnama, the priests recite the mantra to the villagers and tie the Rakshi in their hands. On the full moon day, cows are worshiped. The girls’ crush on Osha falls this season. The festive countryside with the melodious music of the rain pours intoxication into the village life.


The rainy season is as painful as it is good. Yet we welcome it. Because the rain is not only a friend of the plant but also a friend of man. The dry, dense chest of the stream is juicy and alive during the rainy season. In the language of the devotee poet Madhusudan –



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